Designer, manufacturer and integrator of finishing equipment, SPALECK INDUSTRIES is positioned as a privileged partner capable of providing a global response to its customers' finishing problems through solutions that respect both people and the environment.

Our objective: Be a technical advisor so as to technique in order to tackle finishing as a whole

  • Search for adapted technico-economic solutions,
  • Engineering of technical resources (design or integration),
  • Implantation of the resources or line in the production flow.

Our approach: Integrate all the parameters

Occupational safety
Energy savings
Impact of releases on the environment
Operating cost and return on investment
Quality and reliability

Our organisation: provide a global offer

  • Technico-economic study
  • Design: Mechanical and electrical engineering department
  • Realization through a network of partners
  • Automation, programming
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • After-Sales Service


  • Provide solutions
  • Listening to our customers and providing a job well done, care and passion in seeking out original solutions that bring satisfaction.
  • Promote French know-how in compliance with environmental rules and regulations. Our products are an integral part of our rigorous quality assurance program and underscore our commitment to respect users and the environment.

None of us can achieve success by acting alone. Each project must be the result of teamwork. We are also the suppliers of our customers within the company itself; excellence of must be present at all levels.
The only way to be happy at work is to believe in what you're doing, and the only way to achieve that is to love what you're doing.


Our strategy is based on five main areas of focus around innovation and quality:

  • Secure and anticipate: the era of connected machines
  • Standardise while adapting
  • Demonstrate by building the test centre
  • Systematise “clean” solutions
  • Reinforce our presence abroad


A production facility is not only about its purchase cost, it's a tool for men and women who will have to use and maintain it on a daily basis. The consumption of abrasives, for example, or electricity, is at the heart of our research and we strive to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to improve working conditions.