This range of finishing machines has been specially developed and designed for the aeronautics industry in order to process volumetric and surface components of aerostructures made of different alloys obtained by high-speed or even large-dimension machining operations. This tumbling finishing technique complies with the standards of aircraft manufacturers such as AIRBUS and BOMBARDIER.


This range of finishing machines has been developed for the metallurgy and mechanical industries (precision machining, equipment, structural steelwork, industrial sheet metal work, metal fabrication, metalworking, etc.). Our small, medium and large capacity deburring equipment allows us to respond appropriately.


This engineering, technical and financial department provides a tailor-made response and innovative solutions based on R&D. Once a specific need has been defined, SPALECK Industries initiates the design of special machines, the supply of complete finishing lines (e.g. LIEBHERR France) as well as any equipment capable of improving all or part of the process.


This range of machines expands the company's scope of solutions.


This service is dedicated to the supply of consumables, spare parts and interventions... and a whole lot more. In order to provide a global service and in compliance with its commitments, SPALECK Industries aim is to provide a complete service through SPK SERVICES.